Workshops & Training

Consulting Services

The Guitar Services Workshop provides consulting services for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the following areas:

For more information contact John at: 615-251-8884

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Setup & Repair Workshops

Our Setup & Repair Workshops are specifically tailored to train players, repair techs and aspiring Luthiers how properly setup and repair stringed instruments. Each student recieves 4 days of hands-on training, an impressive tool kit, my latest best selling book and a certificate of completion. We will cover:

The workshop is taught from a customer service perspective. In other words, we teach you how to adjust the guitar to the player's playing style. Providing you with great customer services skills and help you communicate with your clients effectively. Combined with the setup and repair skills you'll learn, this workshop can improve your profits.

Students are required to bring at-least 3 guitars (acoustic, electric, bass, mandolin, etc.), strings and a desire to learn. Workshop cost is $2000 per student (including tools, materials & supplies).

E-Mail or call us to sign up!

Next Workshop scheduled for two consecutive Friday & Saturdays begining June 18 & 19 and June 25 & 26, 2010

New Refret Workshop

Our refret workshop is a comprehensive, hands on workshop for technicians who want to learn the tricks of the trade of fret work. Student must have completed the Setup & Repair Workshop, or have atleast 3 years of professional experience as a guitar repair technician.

We will cover the following:

Students need to bring at-least two guitars, one with binding and one without, one electric and one acoustic. Workshop includes a complete tool kit, materials & supplies.

Schedule & Price TBA.......

Corporate Training

We offer training workshops to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Each workshop tailored to your needs. Do you need to train your staff to inspect, setup or repair a new line of guitars? Our customized workshops will help you increase production, minimize waste and improve quality.

For Manufacturers:

Improve the quality control through design, process and material improvements.

For Distributors:

Inspection, setup and repair training will provide your employees everything they need to give the retailers the best guitars to sell to their customers and minimize returns. This will also help you catch any problem guitars before they are shipped, saving your company valuable time and money.

For Retailers:

Training your salesman, or an aspiring repairman, how to provide custom setups and upgrades for your customers. This will improve customer relations and provide an additional resource of income. We will also provide a certificate and references to help your technician qualify to become an authorized warranty repairman.

Some of our clients:

Workshops are offered at our facility in Nashville, Tennessee or at your location. For more information, call John at 615-251-8884 or e-mail him at

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Gear Days Clinics

Comming to a music store near you ......

To be announced

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