About Us

The Guitar Services Workshop was created to service manufacturers, retailers and consumers by providing them with products, services and training in the lutherie arts. Our mission statement is: “Training the next generation of guitar techs and luthiers”. We specialize in vintage guitar restoration, repair and repair training. As an authorized service center for Taylor Guitars, Furch Guitars, Takamine & ESP Guitars, we provide high quality repair and restoration with the goal of improving the value and playability of your guitar.

Beginning his guitar repair career in 1985, John LeVan studied under many different guitar repairmen to learn the trade. John decided to launch into the guitar repair business professionally and began training with various manufacturers such as Taylor Guitars and Tom Anderson Guitarworks. In 1990, he started a guitar repair business in Auburn, California, and later moved it to Music Row and is now in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, where John has a successful business today. In 1997, John launched www.guitarservices.com and the Guitar Services Workshops. These workshops provide on-hands personal training for various types of guitar repair. The workshops are provided mainly for guitar technicians who tour with professional artists, retail guitar store employees, distribution warehouse guitar technicians and guitar manufacturing employees.

John has authored several books and DVDs on guitar care, setup and repair, published by Mel Bay Publishers. His latest book, Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair, is a best seller. You can also read his many articles in Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar Sessions Magazine, Collectable Guitar Magazine, Wood & Steel as well as his column “Guitar Shop 101” on premierguitar.com.

"Training the next generation of guitar techs and luthiers"

We believe that the best form of training is hands-on, with a professional to guide you through each process. We use the “Military Method” of training. We preview, do & review each task to ensure our students fully understand what they’re learning and the physics behind it.

We're on a mission to elevate our industry!

Lutherie has been called a lost art.
We’re here to say it’s as strong as ever!
There is a huge demand for well-trained Guitar Technicians and Luthiers. Like any high skill career, it takes proper training, materials and excellent tools to be successful. A big part of our curriculum includes the physics of stringed instruments. Understanding how each adjustment affects the other components of the instrument is critical to that instruments playability. We invite you to join our growing group of professional Guitar Techs & Luthiers As we train the next generation!

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